My Dedication and Special Thank YOU!

So about a lil over 3 years ago I landed in a club called Follies! I was awe struck! The lights! The Music! The PEOPLE! OMG Glitter and feathers and I was totally sucked in! I *FINALLY* figured out what I wanted to do in SL! I had only had very LIMITED building skills! I had been dancing in Gor for a few months and wasn’t bad, but competing wasn’t my thing! THIS was my thing! So after the show I went to the owner and said “OK I want to do this! I have no idea how to make great stages BUT I want this!

She has been my very best friend in both worlds! She’s my sugah momma, my PIK my Cordie and my mentor!

I went to her on the 12th of Sept. “Hey Cordie I need to talk to you about something!” Was how the talk started and OMG I think she was happier about me wanting to open Noir NeverLand then I was!

So without this woman I wouldn’t be where I am today! PIKLES I love you and ty for everything the big and the lil things you do for me EVERY DAY!

Here’s to our new venture being just a lil Naughty!