Ive started dancing in SL July of 2011 with Gorean dance classes. When I 1st started i swore Id never EVER dance in public and now here I am… I’ve been doing cabaret style dance for a lil over 3 yrs in sl. My favorite quote from my teacher back then is ” no girl has ever spontaneously combusted doing a dance so relax and have fun” I’ve danced for Winds over a year now and my poor Boss can’t get rid of me EVA!!!! <* Insert wicked, ebil, mean laugh here!*> I love the Winds. We all try to help each other, and pass on ideas, help and sugestions! I have never once gotten “damn Ky really!?!?” ok so they might think it but they NEVER say it! LOL I love music, from DJing to Dance to sitting around just chilling music is always apart of my life! I love to be the “class” clown and make everyone giggle. Im the “SPECIAL” girl in Winds even IF they keep breaking my windows!

So in my wise words… Keep a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and always keep dancing!