What a night at Noir NeverLand Wednesday!!

Hello everyone and welcome back from our fall break! Ok I need to make some new rules! First off RL may not take me away from dance more then a week in a row! Oh my goodness I have to say I was so excited to get back on stage! Now even though it was only a Two week break it really felt like FOREVA since I got to strap on the dance shoes!

We had an amazing night! There were clowns, birds, a UFO visit and a ton of FUN! My lovely hostess Ms Sassy was on her A game like always and made everyone feel at home!

Now as you know we are still up and coming, but I have to say I have the BEST Ladies working with me on all the grid! These ladies totally amazed me with all the different looks, feels and music it was just a night full of fun and sparks of all kinds!  We had 6 spectacular acts last night and a ton of extras! Everyone that were here said it was a deff night to remember! TY ladies for all your hard work!

Up first was the lovely Mrs.Lillie Phenomena and her girls!
Cherri Banks, Christee Lutrova, KiiKiiDoll, Laelae Barcelos doing Vermillion Lies ” Circus Apocalypse”  OMG let me tell you I could not pick a favorite lil clown tonight! Every time I was like omg I love her…. oh oh oh oh lookie! I swear I had ADD trying to pick my favorite thing with this one! Great and fun job Mrs Lillie! hugs!
Next we had Ms Chrissy Rhiano do her debut here at Noir NeverLand last night!
Let me tell you she totally nailed District 78 – Toxic (feat. Cheesa) with Maar and Cordie! Straight out of Outter Space to our stage! I think I might now believe there is alien life out there! Chrissy smoking hot like always! I’m so glad you asked to be apart of this! You rawked!
OMG OMG OMGOODNESS it was Maar Volous!! White zombie – I’m your boogieman (Sex on the rocks Mix)
 Now ya’ll know my wifey poohbear and how I am a total rocker so I loved this one! Maar you were On FIRE! Ok no pun intended lol
YAY Now its time for My PIKLES!
CordieNow this number took 3 times for me to see it but ZOMG it was so worth the wait! Cordie The Great as she is called now, performed “Dark Horse” Katy Perry Ft Juicy J
Neverland had 2 debuts this week! Our own lil birdy Ms. Nova!
Now I’ve known her in her cabaret career for ever and I have to say this was one of my favs from her!  Nelly Furtado ” I’m Like A Bird”  Just remember you’re not allowed to fly away woman! *grins!*
So now that means there was only one more left! The Pima Diva chick herself! Kyra
Low Life Theory of a Dead man! Now everyone knows that Cordie is my bestie, my mentor, the place I live is in her head and my PIK so it was only the right thing to do was drag her into my white trash life! LOL I had so much fun and the even better part of this song was I got to hear it LIVE on the 28th and it was their opening number so it was an OMEN I had to do it!
I also need to give a special thank you to Mr. Charlie Navarathna! He has done two videos of the shows here at Noir NerverLand and I can’t thank him enough! He always does it out of the goodness of his heart! So please if you see him tell him how great of a job he’s done!
Well my lovies I cant wait for you to see what we have in the works for the 17th! Let me tell you I’ve peeking behind the curtains and this weeks is going to blow thing AWAY! So don’t miss it! ]
So remember keep a song in your heart… a smile on your face, and never stop dancing!
‘Cause we are all just a lil naughty!

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